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An overview of what we do to help you:


We position your home with maximum exposure to move quickly at the highest possible price by using many platforms including but not limited to: multiple forms of technology and social media, working with a shared network of all brokerage companies throughout Manhattan and outer boroughs, a proven customized personal marketing plan (from a targeted promotional campaign to advice on how to simply prepare your home for an open house).  We are conversant in negotiating, interpretating complicated financial statements, preparing complicated board packages for approval (if the board package is not assembled correctly to the very last detail, the package will be rejected therefore delaying a closing), assessing buyer qualifications with an incisive ability to foresee and anticipate factors that can make or break a deal.


Basic but important advice to any Seller:


The first couple of weeks on the market is prime time to attract the attention of buyers to your apartment.  Therefore, pricing your home correctly is of utmost importance in order to utilize this crucial time.  


Knowing your competition is critical.  Conducting extensive research on the current market conditions with a complete market analysis of comparable properties for sale in your area, price range and property type i.e. Condo, Co-op etc., is crucial in determining the correct price point for your home.


Do not get emotional about your home (This is very important!).  A buyer is not necessarily going to like what you like about your apartment, so when you decide to sell, step back, and look at the whole process from the perspective of a business decision.


Take a look at your competition by actually visiting like-apartment open houses in your building, immediate area/neighbourhood (put yourself in the buyers’ shoes).  After you have visited a few open houses, ask yourself, “would I purchase any of the apartments I saw over my own apartment?” .


Make sure your apartment is actually ready to sell - you need to maximize the aesthic appeal of your home.  Below are a few tips to take heed:


1) Make sure your home smells clean

2) Fresh coat of paint – use a warm color scheme (blend of whites, beige’s etc) – don’t paint every wall white

3) Clean the windows!

4) Clutter-free rooms, closets and floors, very important.

5) Straighten furniture, leave out framed pictures, if you have children leave out a few toys – gives a cozy family feel

6) Staging your home or hire a Stager to help rearrange your furniture can be extremely effective

7) Flowers.

8) Bathroom – clean bathroom


It is your responsibility to keep the apartment in 'showing' condition and, most importantly, accommodate showings. If you make it difficult for potential buyers to have access to your home, obviously selling your home won't be as easy.


Having a game plan from the beginning is extremely important.  Set aside dates; if by a certain date you have not received an offer, know when you are going to price drop.  When you have such a plan in place it will make it easier for you to accept the price drop etc.  Be realistic!



A few terms you should never use:


Motivated Seller            =>  Shows desperation and will drown you when it comes to negotiating

Priced Right                  =>  A buyer will decide if the apartment is priced right

Pressuring Buyers         =>  Will turn off buyers

Embellishing the truth  =>  Do not embellish the truth: if you have partial water views, do not say you have stunning  water views.      


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