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Murray hill is probably best known for its close proximity to the most famous building in the world, the Empire State building.  Aside from the historical landmark, the area is also center of business, and the site of many clubs, churches, high-rise apartment buildings, brownstone mansions and restaurants.  


Murray Hill is a neighbourhood where the times has changed old carriage houses into charming homes.  The brownstones here are unpretentious turn-of-the-century buildings that are elegant and fashionable.  This popular area is made more attractive by the vitality of its early evening street life.  


There are doctors, nurses and other young professionals employed by the University and Bellevue Hospitals and related New York University medical facilities.  Casual, inviting shops and restaurants crowd Second and Third Avenues and play to a youthful audience.  


Points of interest include the Empire State Building and Piermont Morgan Library.

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