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Developed around the turn of the century as a result of the new subway system, the Upper West Side is now one of the hottest rental areas in the city. The Upper West Side has become home to many of the city's writers, musicians, actors, and intellectuals. Its unpretentious and independent character makes it a choice neighborhood for a diverse group of people representative of the city as a whole.


A favorite amongst the young Wall Street banking crowd and other well-paid professionals, the neighborhood is now home to many of the city's wealthy and famous individuals. With its proximity to Lincoln Center and other performing arts venues, it is also a neighborhood of actors, writers, and musicians.


The Upper West Side is packed with fashionable stores, trendy bars and restaurants as well as multiple movie theaters, including the Sony I-Max theatre. This area is also a great place to shop for food. For the athletic-minded, the Upper West Side is a great place to work up a sweat. Whether it's rock climbing in one of the areas ultra modern gyms, roller blading in Central Park or a game of baseball in Riverside Park, the Upper West Side will surely keep you active!

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